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afraid of fire?
"Amon or Unalaq?" - araceli18

a:tla + tumblr part 1


what legit happened in this scene

Put 2 celebrities/characters in my ask,

based only on physical appearance, I’ll tell you who I prefer.

i did the thing.


Legend of Korra S03E09 - The Stakeout

Korra learned the truth about the group who wants to capture her.


Women of A:tla: Ty lee

Do you have any idea what my home life was like? Growing up with six sisters who looked exactly like me. It was like I didn’t even have my own name. I joined the circus because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least I’m different now. Circus freak is a compliment.

"You have no idea what is coming for you, Avatar."

Into The Inferno + the internet

Orphan Black + the internet


The Greatest ATLA Scenes; Toph Bei Fong, The Blind Bandit Pt.II

Toph Bei Fong: Let him go! I’ve beaten you all before and I’ll do it again!
The Boulder: The Boulder takes issue with that comment.
[the earthbenders charge towards Toph, Katara, and Sokka]
Toph Bei Fong: [to Sokka and Katara] Wait!… They’re mine!

"Book 3 Lin is awesome" - Anonymous

I think that her change from Book 1 to Book 3 isn’t realistic and her character in Book 1 was much more dynamic, interesting, and she was a better role model. Her struggle with what mattered to her, what love really meant, what it meant to be brave, and who she was without her bending was much more compelling than the conflict she’s dealing with now which is basically “why didn’t my sister get put in jail for the rest of her life” and “why am i such a jerk” and “why wasn’t my mommy proud of me.”

"Lin or Suyin?" - kiroselambertgorwyn

I loved Book 1 Lin more than any LoK character ever, but through Book 2 and Book 3, she’s started to suck imo. So, I like Book 1 Lin more than Suyin, but I like Suyin more than I like Lin now.