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afraid of fire?

A:TLA Meme: 1/3 Outfits 
Katara’s firenation disguise.

A:TLA Meme: 1/4 Ships (Tyzula)
"I thought I could trust you, and now…now I have no one."

A:TLA MEME: 4-6/6 Characters (Ozai’s Angels)
"I’ll need a small elite team.

A:TLA MEME: 3/6 Characters (Aang)
"I’m just one kid."

A:TLA Meme: 2/6 Characters (Sokka)
"I’m just the guy with the boomerang."

A:TLA Meme: 1/6 Characters (Katara)
"I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me."

ATLA meme


I’ve done this before, but i’m doing this again mostly out of boredom. Also it’s somewhat altered than the previous ATLA meme I’ve done. 

Also feel free to do this meme if you want to. :)

  • 6 characters
  • 4 ships
  • 3 outfits
  • 2 episodes from each book
  • 1 element